American runner who helped an opponent back up after an ugly fall ran a mile with some gruesome injuries to finish race

American runner Abby D’Agostino helped create one of the great moments of the Rio Olympics on Tuesday when she helped a fallen New Zealand runner get back to her feet in the 5,000-meter preliminary heat.

D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin collided about midway through the race, and D’Agostino stopped running to help Hamblin get back up.

Then, as they continued running, D’Agostino collapsed, clearly injured, and Hamblin helped her back up before they both continued the race.

D’Agostino ended up finishing the race, and it was revealed on Wednesday that she did so with┬ásome gruesome injuries: a torn right ACL, a torn meniscus, and strained MCL.

She ran almost a mile on these injuries!

This was D’Agostino, clealry in pain, getting back up to run, with some help from Hamblin. She still had somewhere between four and five laps to go.

When she crossed the line, she was exhausted and met Hamblin for a hug:

Hamblin then called for a medic and D’Agostino was taken away in a wheelchair.

On Wednesday, D’Agostino released a passionate statement about the moment:

Her coach Make Coogan told USA Today Sports, “She did pretty much the opposite of what I told her. And I am so glad she did.”

D’Agostino and Hamblin were both given exemptions to make the next round, but clearly, this is the end of D’Agostino’s Olympics. As we see so often in the games, it’s not always the results that make for the best stories.

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