They're Making An Amusement Park In The Town Where Osama Bin Laden Was Killed

abbottabadA painting of Abbottabad by Major James Abbott (1850)


Abbottabad, Pakistan—the town best known as the place Osama bin Laden was tracked down and killed—hopes to boost tourism with a new amusement park.”This project has nothing to do with Osama bin Laden,” provincial minister for tourism Syed Aqil Shah told the AFP.

The park includes a zoo, adventure sports facility, restaurants, a heritage centre, and artificial waterfalls.

In fact, Abbottabad has been a popular tourist destination since the colonial era. The town was named after the British Major James Abbott, who declared in a poem: “I adored the place from the first sight / And was happy that my coming here was right.”

You can see why Abbottabad is a popular tourist destination

It was named after Major James Abbott who founded the town in January 1853. He wrote this poem:

I remember the day when I first came here
And smelt the sweet Abbottabad air

The trees and ground covered with snow
Gave us indeed a brilliant show

To me the place seemed like a dream
And far ran a lonesome stream

The wind hissed as if welcoming us
The pine swayed creating a lot of fuss

And the tiny cuckoo sang it away
A song very melodious and gay

I adored the place from the first sight
And was happy that my coming here was right

And eight good years here passed very soon
And we leave our perhaps on a sunny noon

Oh Abbottabad we are leaving you now
To your natural beauty do I bow

Perhaps your winds sound will never reach my ear
My gift for you is a few sad tears

I bid you farewell with a heavy heart
Never from my mind will your memories thwart

Here's a colonial British home

The town of Damtor in Abbottabad is surrounded by forests

Roads undulate among Abbottabad's hills

The quiet suburb is also home to affluent Pakistanis

Bourgeoisie residents setting up multi story homes

St. Lukes Church is one of three churches in Abbottabad

The Ilyasi mosque in Abbottabad

Now some recent history

In 2005, the city was hit by a 7.6 earthquake and served as a medical epicentre for survivors

Since then the region has been rebuilding itself

Towns like Abbottabad were expected to be hit by decline in government funding

Political instability has hurt Pakistan's tourism industry in recent years

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