Step Inside The Glitzy New ABBA Museum In Stockholm

Abba museum sign

A new museum devoted to the 1970s Swedish pop band ABBA just opened in Stockholm, Sweden.

The museum, called ABBA The Museum, is devoted to all things ABBA, showcasing the band’s albums, costumes, and memorabilia. Visitors will also be able to karaoke to ABBA music on stage with interactive holograms of the band members.

The museum will be part of the larger Swedish Music Hall of Fame, which also opened today.

Despite the fact that the group broke up in 1983, ABBA remains one of the most popular tourist attractions, so it’s only natural that there would be a museum dedicated to the group.

ABBA The Museum is located in Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm.

Guests will walk past the glitzy lit ABBA logo.

Visitors can check out the flashy spandex and velvet 1970s costumes worn by the band members.

There are dozens of original records lining the walls.

And there's plenty of memorabilia, like the original phone used in the band's first album, Ring Ring.

But the best exhibits are the interactive ones. Here, you can sing ABBA hits on stage along with interactive holograms of the band members.

The exhibits are supposed to trace the group's journey together. This Gamleby Folkets Park exhibit symbolizes the start of the group's career in the '60s.

Each exhibit has tons of photos and memorabilia devoted to the band.

There's a replica of the cottage the group used to write songs on the island of Viggsö.

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