Jarring Photos Of The Abandoned Venues From The 1984 Sarajevo Olympics

For the first time since 1984, the Winter Olympics are returning to eastern Europe in February.
Those 1984 were held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia — a decade before the the city was put under siege in the Bosnian War.

Today, while the city continues to recover, many of the venues from the 1984 Olympics are abandoned.

The bobsled venue — which served as an artillery stronghold during the war, according to Reuters — is overrun with weeds and graffiti. The ski jumping venue on the outskirts of the city is similarly decaying.

Reuters photographer Dado Ruvic went to Sarajevo and documented what the venues look like today. It’s a sad reminder of how temporary an Olympic games can be.

The judges' stand at the ski jumping venue.

The medal podium at the ski jump venue.

The abandoned ski jump at Mount Igman.

The steps leading to the ski jumping venue are all but gone.

The stands at the ski jumping venue.

The hotel where the Olympians stayed.

The bobsled track overrun by foliage.

The broken down bobsled track at Mount Trebevic.

Graffiti on the inside of the track.

Some of the graffiti is pretty intricate.

A dog walks past the Kosovo Stadium, where the opening ceremonies were held.

Weeds grow over the walls of the Kosovo Stadium.

The hall of Zetra Hall, where figure skating was held.

The remains of Zetra Hall.

Graffiti on Zetra Hall.

Vucko, the official mascot of the 1984 Olympics.

A faded cartoon of Vucko skiing.

A broken window outside the ski jump.

The ski jump itself.

The bottom of the ski jump.

The top of the ski jump.

The logo for the '84 Olympics in central Sarajevo.

The Olympics rings on a tower above the figure skating venue.

These venues were abandoned for a different reason

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