This Deserted Shopping Mall In Ohio Is Incredibly Eerie [PHOTOS]

Like hundreds of other shopping malls across the U.S., Euclid Square Mall in Euclid, Ohio, is now a shadow of its former self.

Nearly four decades after the 700,000 square-foot mall opened, there are no longer any retailers left on the site. The mall now houses a handful of churches and religious organisations, while the rest of the retail space remains vacant.

We have compiled some recent photos of the mall. The photos were taken by Nicholas Eckhart, who has photographed dozens of dying malls and runs the blog Dead and Dying Retail.

Lights are still on inside the mall, but the fountain -- pictured center -- is no longer in use.

Many of the stores and restaurants, like this former hot dog shop, are covered in tarp.

The seats are torn and dusty inside this former Beef Corral, which was more recently an Arby's.

Signs of decay are everywhere.

At the end of this hallway is a Dillard's store that closed in fall of 2013. It was the last retailer left in the mall.

The hallways are dark and deserted.

Euclid Square originally had two anchor stores: Higbee's and May Company.

Higbee's eventually became Dillard's and May Company became Kaufmann's.

Signage remains at shops that vacated the mall years ago.

Religious organisations, like this one, now fill a handful of former retail stores.

This bank outside the mall is falling apart.

The nearby Richmond Town Square contributed to Euclid Square's downfall, according to Eckhart. Richmond Town Square had Sears and JCPenney as anchors and underwent a major remodeling and expansion in the 1990s.

Dillard's closed down the second story of its store in 2002.

Outlets USA took over Kaufmann's in 2004 and closed in 2006.

'After Outlets USA closed it was proposed that the Euclid Square Mall would be demolished, but this never happened and the mall has stayed open,' Eckhart writes on his blog.

Telephones and lockers were apparently once housed in this hallway.

This abandoned Red Lobster is located just outside the mall.

This building once housed a Toys 'R' Us.

The infrastructure of the mall is starting to decay. The ceiling in the image below looks like it has been leaking.

The ceiling damage is even worse in this image.

A few decorative plants are still hanging on to life near the mall's lounge area.

Now that you've seen a dying mall...

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