Budweiser Wants To Become The 'Coke Of Beers' And Go To Every Corner Of The Planet


Photo: Adapted from Wikimedia Commons

China may a major focus for Budweiser, but Anhesuer-Busch InBev has much bigger plans for its storied brand.It wants Budweiser to be sold in every corner of the world, just like Coca-Cola. The brand is currently sold in 86 countries, reports E.J. Schultz at AdAge

But it’s particularly difficult to create a truly global beer brand. For instance, Snow leads beer brands in global market share with only 5%, and it’s only sold in China. Coke has 25% of the soft drink market and is sold in 200+ countries.

AB InBev wants to try anyway, and here’s how it wants to do it, according to Schultz’s report at AdAge:

  • Budweiser wants to use its existing brand recognition — people in many countries where the beer isn’t sold already know what Budweiser is because of American pop culture — to help project the “American Dream” promise around to the rest of the world.
  • It’s using its “Great Times Are Waiting. Grab Some Buds” marketing message everywhere as it expands from nation by nation. This serves to build the image of Budweiser as a universal “lets be friends” catalyst, which can translate to any culture.
  • It’s looking for new markets where it already has other brands entrenched, because that lets Budweiser use its parent’s existing distribution system.

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