Camden Town Brewery is getting taken over by the biggest beer maker in the world

Camden townInstagram/Camden Town BreweryWhen in Camden, drink Camden.

Popular London craft brewery Camden Town is being bought by the world’s biggest beer maker, AB InBev.

Camden Town says in an emailed statement that the deal will “support the company’s plan to build a second brewery in London, employing 30 more people and meeting growing demand for its products.”

Business Insider exclusively revealed back in June that Camden came close to being acquired by a global giant during a crowdfunding round in May.

The takeover price is not mentioned in the email, but shareholders who bought in during a crowdfunding campaign in May are being notified today by email so we’ll get a better idea then. That round valued Camden at £75 million, later cut to £50 million in a secondary round.

Camden Town, founded in 2010, was one of the first craft breweries in London to be part of the recent wave of microbrewing and craft brewing across Britain. It’s known for its

AB InBev is in the midst of a goliath takeover of its own, buying rival SABMiller for £71 billion. As part of that deal AB InBev plans to sell-off another London craft brewery, Meantime, which SAB bought earlier this year.

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