Aaron Rodgers had a priceless reaction after getting kissed by a fan

On Wednesday, the Green Bay Packers were celebrating their annual “Welcome Back Packers Luncheon” for the Greater Green Bay Chamber, a group aimed at helping the local Green Bay community.

At the lunch, fans can pay for a plate or a table, and Packers players and coaches will be randomly assigned to tables so fans can mingle and share a meal with their favourite athletes.

It’s no secret that Packers fans adore their team. In fact, as the only publicly owned team in the NFL, Green Bay fans feel like that are a part of their favourite team more so than any other team in the league. But at this year’s luncheon, one fan got a bit too close to Aaron Rodgers.

One fan can be seen appearing to finish up a quick exchange of pleasantries with Rodgers, before kissing him on the head and walking away. Ever the professional, Rodgers was as cool under pressure as he always is, shrugging off the awkward exchange with a smirk, a nod, and a thumbs up to the camera that would make Jim Halpert envious.

You can watch the awkward exchange unfold below.

The Packers open the season on September 10 against the Seattle Seahawks.

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