Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are reportedly at a crossroads as he tries to come back for a last-ditch playoff run

  • Aaron Rodgers is eligible to return in Week 15 after suffering a broken collarbone in Week 6.
  • Rodgers reportedly wants to play in order to help lead the Green Bay Packers on a last-ditch effort to make the playoffs.
  • Some on the team are reportedly concerned about playing Rodgers before he’s fully healed.

Aaron Rodgers is eligible to return in Week 15 to help the Green Bay Packers make a last-ditch push for the playoffs, but according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, there is some disagreement on the team about whether he should play.

Rodgers has been on the Injured Reserve since Week 7 after undergoing surgery on his broken collarbone. Rodgers has been throwing and impressing in recent weeks, leading some to be anxious for him to come back to his 7-6 team. If the Packers win out, they could potentially make the playoffs.

However, according to Rapoport, Rodgers is not fully healed, though “80%” is considered the threshold for players to play.

While Rodgers is pushing to get on the field in Week 15, according to Rapoport, some on the team are concerned about the long-term impact. Rodgers, at 33, is still the team’s quarterback of the future, and some wonder if it’s worth risking further injury for a playoff run.

The Packers have an uphill climb to get into the playoffs. They would need one or two teams ahead of them to slip in the playoffs while they win every game. That may be difficult as the Packers still have to play the 9-4 Carolina Panthers, 10-3 Minnesota Vikings, and 7-6 Detroit Lions.

According to Rapoport, Wednesday will be a significant day for the Packers as they will start preparing for the Panthers. If Rodgers is on the field looking healthy and playing well, it could be a sign that he’ll return on Sunday, barring any set backs.

But it’s nonetheless a risky move for a conservative team that is still a long-shot to make the playoffs.

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