Aaron Rodgers leads full-field drive for touchdown in 73 seconds to beat Cowboys

Ten months after breaking the Dallas Cowboys hearts in the playoffs with a last-second game-winning drive, Aaron Rodgers did it again on Sunday.

After the Cowboys scored a touchdown to go up 31-28 with 1:13 left, Rodgers took the field, needing only to get into field-goal range to tie the game. But he apparently had other ideas.

Rodgers completed a series of passes to get into field-goal range, helped by a big run from running back Aaron Jones.

From there, with a touchdown possible and a field goal as a fall-back option, the Packers kept going. After a short run led to 3rd-and-8, the Packers called their last timeout with 29 seconds left.

Rodgers then came up with a huge 18-yard scramble to get the first down. Once in the red zone, Rodgers showed off his brilliance. A throw to Davante Adams came perilously close to being intercepted, setting up 2nd-and-10. Rodgers went back to the same exact play, hitting Adams in a place only he could reach for the game-winning touchdown.

Here’s the huge scramble that saved the Packers:

And Rodger’s game-winning throw:

The Cowboys were unable to lead a last-second drive to win the game, and the Packers stole the win to move to 4-1. 

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