Aaron Rodgers Was Not Happy About His 60 Minutes Interview

aaron rodgers

60 Minutes ran a segment on Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night and the Packers quarterback was not happy with the outcome, according to NFL.com.

He told ESPN Milwaukee:

“When you open up your life for four months and allow them to have access to your family and your friends and events, it’s always interesting to see what comes out. I just felt like the editing of the piece could have been done in a way that was maybe a lot more respectful of myself.”

Rodgers may be referring to the part of the 10 minute segment that portrayed him as a very sensitive guy who doesn’t respond well to criticism. The short segment focused a lot on how Rodgers hates it when people tell him “he’s a lot smaller than they expected.”

Rodgers was also upset they didn’t include any footage of him at a charity event raising money for children with cancer.

So is this just Rodgers being the sensitive guy he is, or could 60 Minutes have done a better job? It’s probably a little of both considering out of the entire segment the thing that stuck out to us (and the majority of people) most was how sensitive the QB is.

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