‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul paid his bills for 2 years with this extremely bizarre ad

Aaron paul conan o brien juicy fruit commercial

Aaron Paul revealed that he lived off the payments from one commercial for nearly two years.

On Tuesday’s “Conan,” the former “Breaking Bad” star who played Jesse Pinkman said that he did a lot of commercials early in his career in order to pay the bills. But one commercial floated Paul for a long while.

“One of the earliest [commercials] you did that made a big change for you, because you got paid, was an ad for Juicy Fruit gum,” host Conan O’Brien said.

“Yes, that paid all my bills for almost two years,” Paul said.

He then explained how he managed to make so much money on a single commercial, and how it also served as motivation to take his career to the next level.

“It was one commercial, but it had no dialogue in it. So they were able to sell the commercial to multiple countries. And so, I would get residuals every 13 weeks. When they stopped playing that commercial, it was such a loud reality check. ‘Oh my God, I need to get a job,'” the actor, who’s now on Hulu’s “The Path,” said.

The Juicy Fruit commercial, it should be noted, is very strange. There’s some mind control happening in a clinical setting, then clothes go flying — all over gum.

“It is a weird ad,” O’Brien said.

“Yeah, my pants fly off,” Paul replied.

Watch the interview and commercial below.

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