Aaron Levie Made A Great Joke About Max Levchin's New Pregnancy App

Minutes before Box founder and CEO Aaron Levie took the stage at the D11 conference today, PayPal cofounder Max Levchin announced his newest startup: “Glow” a mobile app that uses big data to help a woman get pregnant.

Levie, one of the funniest men in the enterprise tech industry today, couldn’t resist a wisecrack.

“One piece of advice for Max. He was talking about partnerships. Seems like there’s a natural partnership with Bang With Friends,” he said, making his on stage interviewer, AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg, chuckle.

Bang with Friends is a controversial and super popular dating app that helps people hook up with their crushes via Facebook. It sends the person a “nudge” that indicates your interest. If that person is agreeable, the two of you can take it offline from there. Apple recently banned it from its App store.

Obviously, a man introducing a pregnancy app was bound to be the subject of lots of jokes on Twitter, too.

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