Aaron Levie’s famous sense of humour has rubbed off on Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson Microsoft
Peggy Johnson onstage at Business Insider’s IGNITION conference. Business Insider/Michael Seto

One of the most powerful people in Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s administration is dealmaker Peggy Johnson.

She was Nadella’s first major hire. She left her happy life in San Diego working at Qualcomm to join Microsoft after Nadella called her up and said, I want you to make Silicon Valley our new best friend.” So Johnson recounted during a keynote speech on Wednesday in San Francisco at the Box tech conference.

As she carried out her mission, Johnson befriended one of Silicon Valley’s most well-liked executives: Box CEO Aaron Levie. 

He’s not only one of the funniest guys in tech, he also grew up in the Seattle area under Microsoft’s big shadow. Until Nadella took over as CEO, he had a love/hate relationship with Microsoft  —  Box partnered with Microsoft in some ways, but mostly competed with the software giant and its file sharing software called SharePoint.

As cloud computing grew in importance under Nadella, Microsoft and Box have grown friendlier, too. Today, Box and Microsoft have a mostly warm relationship and their products work together, close enough that Levie invited Nadella’s partner-maker, Johnson, to speak at his conference.

Johnson is a cautious public speaker, but apparently some of Levie’s famous wit has been rubbing off on her.

After a stint on stage, Johnson and Levie took a selfie together. To honour her company, Levie was wearing an “I’m a PC” T-shirt. So Johnson couldn’t resist a tweet joke of her own about upgrading his T-shirt to Windows 10.

She also couldn’t resist responding to another Microsoft/politics related clothing joke from Levie.

Levie did a bunch of clothing-related jokes at this conference. He stirred things up prior to his conference by showing off a Trump-slogan inspired hat that said “Make software great again.”

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