Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Slammed The Door On The Cops When Informed Of The Murder Investigation

Aaron Hernandez No Emotion Court Murder

Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe got his hands on over 150 pages of search warrants from the Aaron Hernandez case involving the death of Odin Lloyd, and he is tweeting out his nuggets.

For all the detached cool he has displayed in court, Hernandez allegedly lost his calm when he first learned the depth of his situation:

Lowery also posted photos of everything the police seized on June 18 and June 22. On June 18 police took Hernandez’s iPhone 5, three iPads, Blackberry, hard drive and video recorder. On June 22 police left with ammunition, an FEG 7.62X39 Model SA 200 gun and a gun residue kit from his mattress. 

It was on June 26, the day Hernandez was arrested, that police found Hernandez’s flop house, which is said to contain more evidence.

A particularly chilling note: 

As Lowery learns and tweets more, we will continue to update.

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