4 Freakish GIFs Of Aaron Gordon, The Arizona Freshman Who Everyone Is Comparing To Blake Griffin

You can’t get too far into any analysis of Aaron Gordon’s game without running into a Blake Griffin comparison.

NBA Draft analysts aren’t comparing him to the dominant Blake Griffin of today. They’re comparing him to the raw, 18-year-old Blake Griffin who came into Oklahoma as a freshman in 2007.

They’re both freakish athletes who couldn’t shoot, beat guys off the dribble, or dominate games on a consistent basis. Gordon is a little taller and more versatile, but they’re very similar in one area — dunking.

Gordon is the most explosive dunker in the country. While he’s behind fellow freshmen Jabari Parker and Julius Randle in his all-around game, he’s unmatched in this one area.

The Sweet 16 is devoid of some of college basketball’s biggest stars. Gordon is the guy who could break out.

1. In high school (via Kentucky Sports Radio):

2. Against Colorado (via @cjzero):

3. Against Gonzaga (via @gifsection):

4. Rising out of nowhere (via Next Impulse Sports):

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