Millions of Americans are expected to get stranded on the road this summer -- here's why

Flat tireShutterstockDon’t let a flat tire slow you down.

AAA has crunched some numbers and expects that a whopping 7 million drivers aren’t ready for summer motoring.

The organisation came up with this finding by conducting survey research. For perspective, that 7 million is 12% of AAA’s 57-million membership — and 2% of the entire US population.

The main factors that will strand drivers, according to AAA, are “battery, lock and tire-related issues.”

AAA added that “4 out of 10 American drivers are unprepared” for a roadside emergency.

“Summer heat takes a toll on vehicles, causing overheating engines, tire blowouts and dead batteries,” managing director Cliff Ruud said in a statement.

“Having a disabled vehicle is a stressful and dangerous situation, which is why AAA urges drivers to stock an emergency kit, have their battery tested and inspect tires to make certain their cars are in road-ready condition.”

AAA isn’t exaggerating. I was a member for a number of years in California and wound up calling for help on numerous occasions for dead batteries in particular.

It’s actually admirable that AAA is doing its duty here and recommending that motorist prepare more effectively for the summer driving season. A big perk of membership is easy roadside assistance. But the organisation clearly wants people to avoid having to make that call.

To that end, the organisation recommends that you take your car to a dealership or mechanic to have it checked out, and that you carry an emergency kit, just in case something does go wrong.

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