This One Video Shows Why The A-10 Is Loved By US Troops -- And Totally Feared By The Enemy

When troops report they are taking enemy fire, the one aircraft they love to see screaming to the rescue is the A-10 Thunderbolt, nicknamed “The Warthog.”

First introduced in 1977, the plane was designed for close air support and is extremely tough — able to withstand small arms fire from the ground while supporting the infantry with its Maverick missiles and massive 30mm Gatling gun.

“There’s something about 30 mm [high-explosive rounds] being fired at over 4000 rounds per minute that makes me happy,” one Marine combat veteran told Business Insider last year.

But sadly, its getting the ax — forced into retirement as part of the 2015 budget in favour of the still-in-development (and problematic) F-35 Lightning.

Troops love it and the enemy fears it — and after you hear its terrifying and distinctive sound in the video, you’ll understand why.


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