A Woman Says She Spent Three Years As A Sex Slave Outside St. Louis

St. Louis

Photo: kla4067/Flickr

A woman who was recently found three years after her abduction told police she had been held captive as a sex slave since she was 16, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday.The unnamed woman, who was reported missing in 2009, told police she finally escaped with the help of a relative after she had been “beaten and sexually assaulted by the suspect almost every day since she was in captivity.”

When police descended on the East St. Louis home they found a young child still at the residence, the Post-Dispatch reported. The abducted woman claims she was raped by the man who held her captive, and that he had eventually fathered her child.

The child does not seem to be hurt and a man and a woman were arrested at the home.

Connie Hunt said she lived next door to the suspects for two years and didn’t notice anything wrong.

“All I know is they seemed like sweet neighbours,” Hunt told the Post-Dispatch. “I didn’t know anything about someone being held captive. …We didn’t know anything was going on over there.”

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