A Woman In Western Australia Has Been Tested For Ebola

Working on ZMapp, the ebola drug.

A woman who visited West Africa has been tested for the deadly virus Ebola in a Perth hospital.

“The patient has been released from quarantine and is no longer a suspected case of Ebola,” says a spokesperson for Perth’s North Metro Health Service.

The woman was in a special isolation room at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital equipped with air conditioning controls to isolate the air flow from the rest of the hospital.

The hospital says the risk of people with Ebola travelling to Australia is very low.

“Even if travellers from West Africa did develop Ebola virus disease after arrival in WA, or elsewhere in Australia, our standard of care and infection control is such that once the disease was diagnosed there would be a very low risk of transmission to other persons,” the hospital says.

One week earlier a patient was admitted to the same hospital, complaining of fever-like symptoms, triggering an Ebola scare.

The man had also travelled from West Africa but was cleared of being infected.

The latest World Health Organisation bulletin puts the deaths from Ebola in West Africa at 2803.

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