See The Incredible Moment A Driver Being Chased By Cops Survives After Her Car Is Hit By 2 Trains [VIDEO]

A woman in Utah who was being chased by police on Sunday survived after her car was hit by a train — and then hit by a second one.

Video shot from a police car pursuing the woman shows officers trying to get the 29-year-old woman out of a Mercedes after it was hit by a southbound train, when another train arrives on the scene.

The two officers got off the tracks, and the car was directly hit a second time.

Amazingly, the 29-year-old came away from the double accident with only a broken arm. She now faces charges of evading arrest, according to Metro. Police had responded to a disturbance at a nearby home.

“The vehicle suffered heavy damage, so in this case she’s very lucky to still be with us,” Detective Adam Osoro of the Wood Cross Police Department said, according to the Telegraph.


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