The most popular Instagram hashtags for every day of the week

If you’ve ever been confused by one of the many, many, hashtags you’ve seen floating around on Instagram, here’s a quick starter guide to some of the most popular ones for every day of the week.

#ManCrushMonday (or #MCM)

Man Crush Monday or #MCM is a hashtag for men and women. Guys can post pictures of themselves and girls have an excuse to upload pictures of their celebrity crushes. Lots of times, you see photos of boyfriends and husbands. Instagram currently shows 44 million photos tagged with #MCM.

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Thanks to #MondayBlues, Instagram feeds often begin the week on a sad note. From frowning cats to unhappy selfies, this hashtag is used by anyone who’s sad to say goodbye to the weekend.

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#TransformationTuesday (or #TT)

Here’s a good one. #TransformationTuesday is a good peek at people’s progress with personal goals, be it fitness or otherwise. There are tons of before and after photos. Some of the photos can potentially be NSFW as there are varying body parts in their pre and post-transformation glory.


#TongueOutTuesday (or #TOT)

Tongue out Tuesday is a day for humans and animals alike to celebrate and show off their tongues. Head over the #TongueOutTuesday for a peek at over 300,000 tongues. 

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#WomenCrushWednesday (or #WCW)

Like #MCM, #WCW is a place for guys to post pictures of the women in their lives, celebrities or otherwise. There are 70 million tags with #WCW on Instagram.

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Nothing gets Instagram users through their hump day like a nice glass of wine. This hashtag is a great place for wine aficionados to brag about gourmet collections. It’s also a great place for amateur drinkers to pour a large glass of whatever Pinot Grigio they have lying around the house. 

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#ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT)

The most popular day of the week hashtag with over 200 million tags. On Throwback Thursday, people post cute baby photos of themselves or pictures of them from years past.



Far less popular than Throwback Thursday, Thursdate celebrates midweek date nights. Couples use the hashtag to capture their date night meals and fawn over their significant others.


#FlashbackFriday (or #FF)

Similar to #TBT although less popular. This is basically just another excuse to upload your cute childhood photos.


This hashtag is used by those who prefer a quite Friday night at home to a wild night out. If you’re looking for a book recommendation, this hashtag’s a great place to start.

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Cat lovers find themselves right at home each Saturday on Instagram.

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It’s a good thing you’re out of the office on Saturday because this hashtag is seriously NSFW. Although Instagram does not allow pornographic content, many Instagram users skirt the boundaries of admissible content to show off their bodies.


On Sundays, Instagram users relish in their vices. They’re sure to Instagram all of their guilty pleasures with the hashtag #Sinday.

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Needs no explanation.