A Vodafone Publicist Made Things Way Worse After The Company Was Accused Of Plagiarism

Photo: Getty/Mark Kolbe

On Thursday, the Australian Financial Review newspaper’s Rear Window column ran a story alleging Vodafone Australia plagiarised a Telstra press release.

It reported there were passages copied verbatim — which while not a hanging offence — was kind of embarrassing.

The story also came after Australia got a new Prime Minister, which would have made it easy to forget about Vodafone Australia’s alleged blunder.

Instead of forgetting about it though, Vodafone publicist Karina Keisler (who was not named in the article) wrote in, according to Rear Window, and admitted she used to work at Telstra.

She denied the release was a copy-and-paste job, instead saying it was just a coincidence several lines were identical.

“I had a hand in both media releases it’s true, but two years apart,” she said, before being featured in another article out this morning all about her connection to the release.

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