A Vietnam vet needed a new kidney — so his old war buddy gave him one

John Middaugh was Bill Warner’s commander in the Vietnam War. Decades later, when both men were 73, Warner needed a new kidney.

“For our troops he would have given an arm and a leg — why not a kidney?” Warner joked.

Both were awarded Purple Hearts, and they kept in touch over the years.

“Knowing that you can live the same life with one kidney, there’s no reason not to do something like this,” Middaugh said.

Post-surgery, the friends are in good condition.

“It’s been some ride. So we’re looking forward for me getting my appetite back, getting my weight back, getting my handicap back down to 17,” Warner said. “It’s up to 36 now. The two of us will be playing golf.”

Story by Jacob Shamsian, editing by Stephen Parkhurst