A Victorian Uni Student Is On Missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501

Facebook/ AirAsia Australia.

An Indonesian university student studying at Monash University in Melbourne is believed on the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501.

Kevin Alexander Soetjipto was studying Finance at Monash and was due to graduate next year, according to his LinkedIn account.

In a statement on the university’s Facebook page a spokesperson said:

Monash University is currently endeavouring to confirm with authorities that one of our students was aboard Air Asia flight QZ8501.

If any Monash student or staff member would like support our after hours counselling number is 1800 350 359. If students are overseas, you can call +613 86205300.

We offer our sincere thoughts and prayers to all of the families of those onboard the flight.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has told Sydney radio station 2UE that DFAT is also trying to confirm if the student was on the plane.

“We understand that one person on that flight had a student visa to study at Monash but I can confirm – as we’ve been saying – that there are no Australian citizens or dual nationals or permanent residents on board.

“But we’ve been checking to see if there are any linkages between passengers and Australia and it seems that there may well be one with a student visa.”

It has been reported that Soetjipto was travelling with his family when the plane disappeared between Surabaya to Singapore.

Soetjipto’s name and those of his family members, Cindy Clarissa Soetjipto and Rudy Soetjipto, are on the AirAsia flight QZ8501 passenger list published by The Jakarta Post.

The plane lost contact with air traffic control at about 6:17am, local time, Sunday, shortly after asking to deviate from its planned flight path because of bad weather.

It was initially thought to have crashed near the Indonesian island of Belitung, near the plane’s last known location, but no wreckage has been found.

Search and rescue teams are continuing to investigate the area.