A Victorian Liberal Candidate Is Out After Being Busted For Wild Online Obscenity And Rasicm

Jack Lyons. Image: Linkedin.

Victorian Liberal candidate for the seat of Bendigo West, Jack Lyons has quit after posting a number of obscene comments on Facebook.

According to the Herald Sun Lyons quit two hours after the paper contacted party officials notifying them he had described Bendigo as “needing an enema”.

A former publican, Lyons also labelled the town’s Golden Dragon Museum the “ching chong gardens” and said a woman’s hair is a “part of the blur above where her t— are”. Cringe.

He also posted his best pick-up line which can probably only be described as disturbing.

“Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

But it doesn’t end there. Lyons evens posted his thoughts on poverty in Africa, saying if people live in mud huts and have to walk “5 miles everyday for water… why not build the f—ing huts closer to the f—ing water”.

And then defended the comment, saying: “Isn’t that common sense?”

The Herald Sun reports Lyons earlier defended other Facebook posts.

“They’re jokes, mate. I can’t help what’s there. I hope I haven’t offended anyone,” he said.

“I don’t think I have. I’m a normal Aussie living life and enjoying it.”

However, he has since apologised for his comments and said, “I’m deeply embarrassed and apologetic and I’ve obviously rattled someone’s cage”.

A meeting has been called to discuss appropriate social media use with all candidates.

There’s more here.

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