UPDATE: The AP is reporting that President Hugo Chavez has been proclaimed victor in the Venezuelan elections, according to the country’s National Electoral Council. ABC News reports he won by a comfortable margin of 1 million votes.

UPDATE: Tarek El Aissami, Interior Minister and Justice Minister for Chavez’s government has tweeted victory for Chavez. Spanish outlet El Pais is also reporting that unofficial data suggests a “comfortable” Chavez win. Looks like this may be a contentious result:

EARLIER: At least according to one exit poll, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is losing.

We have no idea about the poll’s reliability, etc.

This particular one is being reported by a Spanish news organisation.


The world is naturally going to be sceptical that a clean handover of power could happen, if indeed the challenger wins.

Earlier Hugo Chavez said he would abide by any result, though we don’t know what that means. And analysts have expected that there could be post-election violence if centre-right challenger Henrique Capriles is victorious.

The Washington Post earlier reported that turnout was massive.