A VC Soldier Is Getting An MBA Because He Thinks Australian Business Can Benefit From Military-Trained Leaders

Picture: Getty Images

Ben Roberts-Smith, the Australia solider recently awarded the Victorian Cross, has left the military to study at university.

In an interview with The Australian, Roberts-Smith, who is studying to get an MBA, says a degree in business was the most logical step for him after his service because the leadership skills needed to succeed in the military are very similar to those necessary in the world of business.

Roberts-Smith admits the 2500-word assignments can be challenging but the principles are the same.

He says the never give up attitude and strong culture of teamwork drilled into military-trained people can add value to Australia businesses.

Used to being in a driven, high-performance environment “soldiers have the ability to adapt to an organisation, understand its intent and conduct themselves in a way to add value to the team,” he says.

“They have good technical skills, good leadership skills and they are good at man management but they also have the ability to assimilate information and learn quickly.”

Roberts-Smith told The Australian he is doing an MBA “to prove I can do it”, saying as a leader you can’t be afraid of failure, “you have to make mistakes to learn.”

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