A van is driving around London to try to get startups to move to Berlin

Vultures circlingFlickr/Stuart OrfordVultures circling.

A van displaying a large billboard is driving through London in a bid to tempt startups to move to Berlin.

Several well-known London technology startups — including the likes of business checker DueDil and customer service software provider Conversocial  — have said they’re considering opening up overseas following the result of the EU referendum.

The van’s colourful billboard reads:

“Dear start-ups, Keep calm and move to Berlin.”

The advert appears to have been created by Freie Demokraten (FDP), or the Free Democratic Party — a liberal and classical liberal political party in Germany.

The van was spotted outside Bloomberg’s UK headquarters in Finsbury Square, London, by Bloomberg UK banking reporter Stephen Morris. He tweeted a photo of the van, saying: “The vultures are circling.”

Berlin is widely regarded as one of the leading startup hubs in Europe. It is considerably cheaper than London and home to a growing number of young technology companies, including the likes of Rocket Internet, Wunderlist, and SoundCloud.

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