A UK farmer is holding the $4.3 million tractor auction to end all tractor auctions

Picture: Clarke&Simpson

A 79-year-old farmer in the UK has had enough of collecting tractors and will auction them off at the end of this month.

All 230 of them.

Paul Rackman stands to collect up to £2m ($4.3 million) if the collection sells out. It has been billed by auctioneers Clarke and Simpson as “surely one of the finest collections of vintage and classic tractors” in the world.

Picture: Clarke&Simpson

Kept in pristine collection in a grain store on Rackman’s farm in Norfolk, the collection includes the last example of a Holt 75 military tractor, which was used to pull Howitzer guns to the front line in WWI. It’s expected to pull $540,000.

Picture: Cheffins

“The big four-cylinder petrol engine developed 75hp at a leisurely 550 rpm.”

The oldest tractor in his collection, a Sanderson Model G, could sell for up to £65,000 ($140,000).

All up, more than 30 manufacturers are represented, from John Deere to Weeks-Dungey. Here’s a few more classic items:

1948 DAVID BROWN Threshing Model VTK1

Picture: Cheffins

“Its David Brown winch, sprag, four-point rear towing hitch and front-mounted shunting socket were all ideal for manoeuvring or recovering a threshing drum on soft ground.

1941 DAVID BROWN VIG 1/100

Picture: Cheffins

“This must be the finest example of this tractor in the UK having been authentically restored at a cost of more than £20,000…”

1940 FORDSON Roadless Half-Track

Picture: Cheffins

“Such tractors provided sterling service with the RAF throughout the war years and were used for mowing airfields, aircraft recovery, hauling fuel bowsers and bomb trailers, and even sweeping the runways clear of snow.”

A spokesman for Clarke and Simpson estimated that Rackham had spent more on the collection than he was likely to get back.

As for Rakcham, he says it’s simply time to move on.

“My family do not share the same passion as I do in collecting tractors and the time has come in life when decisions have to be made,” he told the Daily Mail.

“It is time to take on another challenge.”

The sale is being held at Rackham’s farm in Norfolk on September 26.

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