Australia's Newest Human Rights Commissioner Is Getting Hosed On Twitter

Tim Wilson

Free speech can be quite funny. Or not.

Just ask Tim Wilson, former policy director at the Institute of Public Affairs and Liberal Party member, who resigned both positions this week when Attorney-General Senator George Brandis appointed him a commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission, an organisation his old policy think tank had long argued should be abolished.

Senator Brandis said Mr Wilson’s appointment to the $325,000-a-year position “will help restore balance to the Australian Human Rights Commission which, during the period of the Labor government, has become increasingly narrow and selective in its view of human rights.”

Mr Wilson is a both a passionate advocate and exponent of free speech, and a comment he made 26 months ago caught the eye of the many critics he now finds himself facing.

It incensed one man so much he set up a “National Day of hating Tim Wilson” page on Facebook, but its intended target was ready, making his own observations about free speech it as he once again tweeted.

Meanwhile, Brisbane-based author and commentator John Birmingham began musing on the possibilities of Mr Wilson’s call to action at 10am today.

Within two hours, his 28,000 followers helped grant his Christmas wish:

So he thanked those responsible

Among those who joined in:

Nic captured the political zeitgeist

But Frank seems immune to Stephen Fry’s charms

And Garth was less than impressed

Andrew could be onto something here..

And Ros found a solution to the problem facing every parent over the school holidays

But Phil raises an important issue

And is a dab hand a meme mash up

Australia’s newest HRC commissioner exercised a right to silence on Twitter today

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