A town in Canada known as 'The Land of Rape and Honey' is rethinking its slogan

Tisdale, a town in Canada nicknamed the “Land of Rape and Honey” for nearly 60 years, is surveying residents about rebranding, the Star Phoenix reports.

The town hasn’t been advertising a high rate of sexual violence — “rape” in the slogan refers to “rapeseed,” a flowering plant used to cultivate and create canola oil.

Tisdale produces large quantities of both rapeseed and honey, according to the town’s website.

For obvious reasons, however, Tisdale’s economic development office is “seeking input” in the form of a survey about whether the slogan portrays the town well.

“There’s passionate people who believe it should be changed and passionate people who believe it shouldn’t be changed,” Sean Wallace, the town’s director of economic development told CBCNews.

Tisdale, located in Saskatchewan, has a population of about 3,200.

According to CBC, other options include:

  • Hub of the Northeast.
  • A Place to Grow.
  • A Place to Bee.
  • Land of Canola and Honey.

In 1988, industrial metal band Ministry also named its third studio album “The Land of Rape of Honey” after Tisdale.

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