Here's What The iPad App Store Looks Like

ipad store

Photo: Macstories

Apple’s iPad is still several day away from hitting consumers’ hands, but a ton of leaked screen shots of the iPad App Store hit the web this weekend.It looks like the iTunes and App Store we’ve grown accustomed to, just a little bit bigger, a little bit more advanced.

The new applications appear to be utilising the bigger screen real estate and the more powerful iPad, and many come with “HD” in the headline as a way to carry a steeper price tag.

Click here to take a look at all the new applications and the App Store >

Flick through to find your apps

Seems like there's some price inflation

Landing page for an app

This looks like a cool way to put video content into the iPad apps

Cookbook app looks pretty slick, we must say

Flight Control will be there

Good looking fishing game

Here's the keyboard in Twitterific, we're still curious about typing on this thing

This is iTunes

This is the movie section of iTunes

Here's iTunes again

Here's a video walk-through

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