A third of NBN users would change back if they could

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New research from WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison site, reveals a third of NBN users would change back to their non-NBN service if they could.

The WhistleOut “NBN 2017: The Customer View” study surveyed over 1,000 users, aiming to discover the user experience of NBN services.

When asked about their current NBN service, 86% of dissatisfied NBN users said their NBN service did not meet their speed expectations.

Furthermore, 75% said their NBN service was not reliable, and only 18% said their NBN service is something they would recommend.

Speed was the greatest factors that influences a person’s NBN internet experience, according to WhistleOut.

“It’s the major cause of headaches for those upset with their NBN service, and the survey findings point towards the lowest NBN speed tier ‘NBN12’ (also known as ‘Basic Evening Speed’) as being particularly problematic,” says Joseph Hanlon, editor and publisher at WhistleOut.

“When we compare the performance versus expectations of people using NBN12 plans to those other speed tiers, it becomes clear that NBN12 users are the most likely to be unhappy NBN customers. NBN12 performed the worst in our survey for speed, reliability and overall value.”

The chart below compares user satisfaction levels between NBN12 and the other speed tiers.

WhistleOut/ Supplied

“What’s likely to be compounding this problem is that, somewhat perversely, NBN12 customers have the highest percentage of unlimited data plans, at 56%,” added Hanlon. “It’s like they’ve got this endless reservoir of data to drink from, but can only access it using a tiny tap.

“NBN12 plans may be the cheapest, but they only deliver speeds equivalent to ADSL. If you’re about to choose an NBN service and expect it to be better than what you’ve currently got, you’d be well served getting a plan that’s NBN25 or faster.”

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