Here's how many Americans aren't getting enough sleep

It’s very likely that you’re not getting enough sleep.

According to a new report from the CDC and the first study to look at survey data from every state in the US, one-third of all Americans are getting less than seven hours of sleep per night, which is the minimum for what’s considered a “healthy sleep duration.”

Getting enough sleep is critical: Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

The details

Of the more than 444,000 people who took their self-reported survey in 2014, just 65% said they got at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Sleep Map CDCCDCSleepless in the Midwest.

On a state-by-state level, more South Dakotans and Coloradans got sufficient sleep compared to Hawaiians (71% vs. 56%). The CDC also found that the people getting sufficient sleep varied by race/ethnicity, with only a little more than half of all non-Hispanic blacks, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, and multiracial respondents reporting they got more than seven hours of sleep per night.

The CDC recommended that for those not getting enough sleep, they might want to try keeping track of their sleeping habits as well as behaviours that may be affecting their sleep and chatting with a doctor.

Quick tips to help sleep better:

Your body will thank you.

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