A Texas mum Is Suspected Of Spending Years Pretending To Be A Law Student

Pinnochio, liar, doll

Photo: Flickr / The Rocketeer

Michelle Fyfe, a 43-year-old Texas mother, reportedly loved talking about her evening law-school studies and even booked a hotel room for her graduation party.Then she took the bar exam, she claims, and started looking for work as a lawyer, the Dallas Morning News reported Monday.

The only problem with her chosen vocation?

Her studies at Southern Methodist University’s law school seem to be a lie, the Morning News reported.

SMU authorities are probing whether Fyfe created a fake law degree after an anonymous tipster notified them of her alleged law-school tales.

Fyfe began telling co-workers at Cardiac Associates of Dallas, where she worked in billing, that she was attending law school at night about five years ago, the Morning News reported.

“Whenever she came in, she’d say, ‘I have to go. I have a class,” one co-worker told the Morning News. “She would talk to patients about how hard it was and how great it’d be when she finished.”

But that co-worker reportedly grew suspicious of her studies when he noticed that she didn’t have an SMU decal on her car – and that she never carried a single law book.

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