Texas Man On Trial For Sexually Assaulting His Daughter Opens Fire On Courthouse Steps

Jefferson County CourthoseJefferson County Courthouse

Photo: Terry Jeanson via Texas Escapes

A shooter at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont, Texas has left several people wounded and one dead following a tense hostage situation this morning.ABC News12 reports the shooter’s name is Nathaniel Bartholomew who had a court date set for today.

Bartholomew is currently on trial, facing charges that he sexually assaulted his mentally challenged daughter.

The shooting reportedly happened in front of the courthouse during a lunch break.

One report says the girl was killed, but that appears to be incorrect. 

The other people injured are reported to be visitors to the courthouse, and not employees, though ABC reports one deputy was hit exchanging fire with the accused.

CNN reports witnesses say a second victim has died, an elderly women seen laying on the sidewalk. Of course, the death tolls as these tragedies unfold is never certain until well after the fact.

Video from News12 reports Judge Thorn says Bartholomew used an assault rifle in the shooting, showed up at the courthouse door, and killed four people. “He got away in a hail of bullets and holed up somewhere near the courthouse…he has not given up yet.” Again, confusion still reigns on the ground in Beaumont.

The Latest: KHOU Houston reports the suspect has been on trial since Monday, that he opened fire late this morning, and killed an elderly woman, possibly by running her over as he made his getaway. He shot a deputy, a third person ducking into the County Clerk’s Office, and a fourth at the bus transfer station a couple of blocks away. They report that he was captured and is hospitalized with “serious injuries.”

We’ll follow with final, confirmed details, when they become available.

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