A temple in China dedicated to legendary warrior Guan Yu paved its entrance path with 1000 gold bars

The Gualin temple in the city of Luoyang, China, today opened a path paved with gold bricks in time for a traditional pilgrimage.

The 1000 gold bricks weigh a kilogram each and create a 20m long, six-metre wide path to the temple’s doors.

If they’re solid gold, this is a $42 million pathway:

To keep the bricks safe, they’ve been covered with thickened glass. The path will remain open until March 6.

The temple it leads to is reported to be the place legendary Chinese general Guan Yu is buried. Guan Yu, who died in 220AD, is unusual in that he is worshipped by Buddhists, Taoists and Confucians. In popular culture, he makes an appearance in John Woo’s 2008 epic Red Cliff.

Guan Yu in Red Cliff – epic. Picture: Magnolia Pictures

Worshippers make the pilgrimage to his burial site because he was reportedly unable to be influenced by gold, silver or treasure, making him the perfect guardian of wealth.

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