A teenager was bitten by a crocodile in Queensland after friends dared him to jump in the water

Photo: Ian Waldie/ Getty Images.

A teenager has been attacked by a crocodile in far north Queensland after friends reportedly dared him to jump into the dangerous waters.

The group of friends were together in Innisfail at about 2.30am when the 18-year-old local jumped into the croc-infested waters.

According to the paramedics, Lee de Paauw punched the crocodile to get away. He was then quickly pulled from the water and rushed to the Innisfail Hospital, before being taken into surgery in Cairns.

The body of a 35-year-old man who disappeared on Saturday night while spear fishing just north of Innisfail was found today.

The small boat of the man was found anchored off Palmer Point after he disappeared. His spear gun was found floating nearby.

Police believe he was probably taken by a crocodile.

Authorities are searching for a four-metre crocodile, believed to be responsible for that attack.

Fairfax Media has more here.

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