A Teenager Has Described How He Pushed His Speargun Down A Shark's Throat When It Attacked

A white shark. Photo: Getty.

A teenage boy has described how he was hit by a four-to-five-metre shark before it turned and grabbed his friend on the leg.

The two were spearfishing around what’s known locally as Three Stripes, a rock outcrop at Cheynes Beach, 60km east of Albany, Western Australia, on Monday.

Matt Pullella told friends on Facebook about the final moments of the life of his friend 17-year-old Jay Muscat.

Screenshot of Jay Muscat’s Facebook page.

“The shark hit me first then attacked Jay,” Matt wrote, according to a report in the West Australian.

“The shark turned and came for me, I pushed the speargun down its throat and fired the gun.”

A passing boat picked up Jay and took him to the boat ramp, but there was little they could do. He was already dead.

The two, both from Albany, are part of an enthusiastic group who free dive to spear fish off Albany.

The state Department of Fisheries has deployed drum lines to try to catch the shark, which it says is most likely a white shark.

The beach is closed.

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