Richie Benaud wrote an incredible response to a young cricketer who asked him for bowling tips

Richie Benaud. Photo: Mark Nolan/Getty

In 1996, as a 16-year-old cricket player, UK journalist Jonathan Stevenson, wrote a letter the late Richie Benaud seeking some spin bowling tips.

The idea of writing a letter to your role model as a child is always exciting, but actually getting a reply is extraordinary.

Stevenson recalls that not only did Benaud provide him tips for “bowling leggies,” but “his detailed reply says everything about the great man”.

The advice he gave was specific for left-handed spin bowlers. He pointed out that the same bowl from a left-handr is a “chinaman”, while from a right-hander bowler is a “wrong’un”.

“Don’t even think about learning the ‘flipper’ before you have mastered the leg-break, topspinner and wrong’un,” Benaud wrote.

Here’s the letter in full that Benaud sent Stevenson all those years ago.

(click on the image in Twitter to enlarge it.)

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