A team of geeks built a real life version of Space Invaders

Take my money. Picture: vHive

The ultimate geek experience came to GeekCon 2016 on the weekend, when hacking and metal fabrication combined to bring Space Invaders to life.

Tomer Daniel, from drone software company vHive, led a team of 12 pulling together a live experience which puts a real person on rails in charge of a giant laser cannon, shooting down a primitively lit alien invasion force.

The invaders are eight DJI Phantom 3 drones equipped with LED strips and laser sensors. They’ve been programmed to move in formation, just like in the classic 1978 arcade game:

The welders stepped in to deliver 20 metres of rail track on which to driver your fighter:

Picture: vHive

Lights out, and suddenly it’s all your Last Starfighter dreams:

Score a hit and the drone goes dark and returns to Earth.

Only slightly less amazing is the fact no one’s done it before. Here’s the full story:

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