A Taxi Crashed In The Middle Of The Sydney CBD, Landing Upside Down On The Pavement


A taxi crashed in the centre of the Sydney financial district this afternoon, ending up on its roof in the courtyard of RBS Tower at 88 Philip Street.

Inspector Peter Vroomers from the Sydney Local Area Command told Business Insider the cab was travelling East on Bent Street when it was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

“Luckily, with this there were no serious injuries,” he said.

After crashing into the second vehicle shortly before 2:30 pm, the taxi broke through a glass guardrail, fell down a ledge and came to a stop in the building’s courtyard.

Larissa Tompkins, the manager of Aurora bar, which fronts the courtyard, told Business Insider several patrons were prevented from leaving until emergency crews confirmed the wreck did not pose a threat.

“They thought it might have been live gas,” she said. “We heard a screech, then a loud bang and then saw the cab had been launched through the glass.”

Tompkins said a passenger was able to free themselves with the help of the bar’s patrons, however a man identified as the driver needed to be removed by fire-and-ambulance crews.

Several high-profile businesses have offices in the building, including law firm Minter Ellison and stock broker RBS Morgans.

An investigation will determine whether any road rules had been broken, Inspector Vroomers said.

Emergency crews attend the scene. Photo: Business Insider/Ben Collins
Photo: Imgur
Photo: Imgur/simonelsegood

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