A Tale Of Greed, Tax Evasion And Scandalous Waste In Greece

athens metro

Photo: www.flickr.com

travellers on the Athens metro enjoy air-conditioning, cool and cavernous departure halls, plasma screen entertainment, on-time trains — with no barriers to prevent free entry and few policemen who bother checking tickets.In fact, Greece hardly even paid for the subway system, which was funded by the international community in the lead-up to the 2004 Olympics.

“The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train” is the highlight feature in an investigation into Greek corruption by The Daily Mail. This is the latest of many outraged articles in tabloids around Europe.

Other instances of corruption include early retirement — pastry chefs who retire at 50 with a state pension at 95% of their last pay check — and tax evasion — only 5,000 people in a country of 12 million admit to earning over $144,000 — and rampant bribery.

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