A Sydney Thunderstorm Left A Power Station Smouldering, 2 People Injured And 16,000 Homes Without Power

Lightning strikes over the Sydney CBD during a summer storm in 2007. Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty.

A severe thunderstorm has left Sydneysiders picking up the pieces this morning after lightning strikes and flash flooding threw the city into chaos last night.

Two people were reportedly struck by lightning. A 28-year-old man from the Blue Mountains had to be taken to hospital after he was struck on a worksite about 4.30pm, while paramedics treated a 60-year-old man who was struck at Cabramatta.

16,000 homes were left without power during the height of the storm but as of this morning most outages have been restored.

A power sub-station in Pyrmont caught fire after being struck by lightning, but was brought under control by more than 20 firefighters within a matter of hours.

40 residents had to be evacuated from nearby buildings as flames from the blaze reached more than six metres high.

In fact, The Daily Telegraph is reporting that three quarters of NSW fire trucks were on the road responding to fire alarms across greater Sydney last night.

State Emergency Services volunteers received more than 400 calls for help with flooded homes and businesses, fallen powerlines and trees.

A ceiling reportedly collapsed in a three-level office building in Haymarket, which subsequently flooded two floors.

The storm also caused delays at Sydney Airport. Virgin and Qantas flights were cancelled when the airport closed its domestic and international runways at 5.15pm.

By 7pm, a Virgin spokeswoman said flights had returned to normal.

Police are investigating a fire at a school on Forth Street in Woollahra this morning after receiving a call at 1am.

When officers arrived at the scene the roof of the building was well alight but was eventually extinguished by Fire & Rescue NSW.

It is not yet known if the incident was caused by a lightning strike but the blaze is not being treated as suspicious.

No one was injured.

Earlier in the week weather forecasters predicted a week of stormy and humid weather.

On Tuesday, Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said, “Thunderstorms are a greater risk almost everywhere from tomorrow onwards and they are much more likely to bring heavier falls than they have so far this week because of the rising humidity.

“Wednesday through to Saturday looks like being the wettest period for the week,” he told Fairfax Media.

“The next few days are going to be increasingly humid as well. It’s going to feel a bit warmer that the actual temperature.”

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