A Swiss Woman's Samsung Galaxy S3 Catches On Fire, Burns Her Leg

There’s a report floating around about a terrible, freak accident involving a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone

An 18-year-old painter named Fanny Schlatter was loading paint cans onto a truck when she heard an explosion.

She smelled a chemical scent, then suddenly her work pants caught on fire. 

Her Galaxy S3 had spontaneously combusted in her pocket. 

Her boss, who was nearby, managed to save her from the fire and the phone. 

Her thigh was severely burned and the phone was a melted mess. 

Obviously, this sort of thing is rare, and doesn’t reflect on Samsung’s phone quality overall.

That said … scary!

We’ve emailed a Samsung representative for comment. If we hear anything interesting, we’ll let you know.

Here’s what the phone ended up looking like:

burnt phone

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