A Swiss Lobby Group Wants George Clooney To Pressure Nestle Into Using Only Fair Trade Coffee

A Swiss fair trade organisation is asking people to write to George Clooney to get him to pressure Nestle to use only fair trade coffee in its brands.

This statement only makes sense once you know that in Europe Clooney has for years been the face of Nespresso, an instant coffee brand. Clooney, despite being one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars — is anyone not looking forward to seeing Ides of March? — nonetheless seems to say “yes” whenever some international ad agency comes calling.

Here’s one of his most famous ads for Nespresso:

Note that there’s a suggestion here that Clooney might show up at your local cafe, where you can flirt with him. You’ll need to have seen that commercial to make sense of the one on the next page, in which the Swiss fair trade lobby group Solidar insists that when it comes to the exploitation of third world coffee-pickers, “George Clooney can change this.”

This post originally appeared at BNET.

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