A Swedish Study Says Men In Their 30s Are Terrible Investors

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According to a new report by the Swedish Institute for Financial Research, the least likely person to succeed when investing is a 35-year-old man entirely invested in stocks.

The Local reports additionally that the study indicated female investors appeared more often in successful groups than among those who had lost money through investments. The study concluded that the ideal investor was a 43-year-old man with investment capital totalling $375,723. 

Eyebrows will certainly be raised over the way these theories were reached. The author of the study analysed 11,000 people but did so between 1999 and 2002. More recent data was unavailable due to increasing bank secrecy.

However, the author his defended using data from these years, despite advances in the way the investment world operates. He argues that despite evolutions, the psychology and confidence of investors remains the same.

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