A Suspended NFL Player Is Using The Ryan Braun defence

DJ Williams, Denver Broncos

[credit provider=”Wikimedia Commons”]

In a move that was just a matter of time, one of the three Denver Broncos, suspended over the weekend for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, is hoping the same defence that Ryan Braun used to successfully appeal his suspension by Major League Baseball will work for him.According to an AP report (via SI.com), the NFL suspended linebacker DJ Williams for the first six games of the 2012 season after his urine sample turned out to be “non-human.” Williams responded with a written statement threatening legal action.

“We proved – conclusively – …that the NFL and its specimen collector wholly failed in their duties to safeguard and process my specimen properly…In fact, the specimen collector was fired by the NFL after compromising my specimen as well as others.’ The hearing officer, an NFL executive, ignored the NFL’s own policy, engaged in inappropriate communications with top NFL officials about this matter without my knowledge or approval, corrupted the system, ignored that my specimen had been compromised, and now has subjected me to humiliation as well as suspension.”

Williams’ lawyer went even further, pointing the finger directly at the specimen collector saying, “this can only be explained by delving into the activities of the specimen collector.”

If the specimen collector was indeed fired over how he handled Williams’ sample, then it would seem that the former first-round pick would indeed have a stronger case than the one that persuaded Braun’s arbitrator. But if the tamper-proof seals were still intact at the time of testing, then Williams is going to have a hard time explaining how non-human urine replaced his.