A surprisingly high number of people are worried by their inability to control their use of Facebook

There’s a time and place. Picture: Getty Images.

People love social networks so much they’re prepared to duck out of actual social occasions to refresh their lives online.

That’s not a new phenomenon, but productivity website Stop Procrastinating surveyed 2000 Facebook users to find out exactly how compulsive our need to update our status really is, and what impact it’s having on our physical lives.

Admissions survey participants made include:

  • 36% who said they had become angry or irritated because they had been prevented from updating their Facebook page when they wanted to
  • 45% who admitted they had made an excuse to leave a social occasion to use Facebook
  • 68% who were worried by their inability to control their use of Facebook, and
  • 17% who updated their status after sex or during their friends’ wedding speeches.

“There is no doubt that Facebook is an important part of our lives, allowing us to share our experiences and feelings with our friends, no matter where they may be,” Stop Procrastinating director Tim Rollins said. “It is a wonder of the Internet age, allowing us to tap into our friends’ lives, thoughts and feeling at any moment.

“It is no wonder then that some users may feel that their use of Facebook is compulsive.”

Here’s the infographic Stop Procrastinating built from the data:

Facebook usage

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